I attended this talent night or show or whatever they call it at school a few weeks ago.It was ill-attended thats for sure but honestly what was happening there was pretty awesome.People singing all sorts of music,poetry ,instruments…It was really amazing despite the fact that about twenty five people attended! By the time i left,I was about all sorts of things but especially about whethet i was actually living or just existing.
Alot of times we get lost in doing what we are supposed to do and forget to live.I started wondering whether i was living a life I was proud of.I mean am in Law School,which is pretty impressive but is that enough? After I have read all the law books and cases so what?.
This was a group of students like me show casing all kinds of talent (did i mention there was an art exhibition?) and enjoying every minute of it while i was carrying around a hand-out of I don’t know what course unit and really feeling empty while at it.
It got me thinking (which by the way I do alot and I wish I could get out of my own head every once in a while) that inorder to enjoy this life that I so totally love I need to get over myself & my  ‘Am in Law school’ high horse and do the things I love because thats a point of life is living not just existing!