Now I know everyone has had something to say about Beauty Queen Leah Kalanguka and I also know of the uproar sorrounding her crowning as Uganda’s most beautiful woman,and wow can people spit venom or what??
What should have been a victory for her has somehow managed to turn most people into fire-spitting little wordsmiths willing to throw whatever comes to their mind at her for not fitting into their little tiny box marked “what beauty should look like”.

What I think is every mud slinging one’s problem who is taking time out of their ‘busy’ schedule to write a script of mean girls about her,is that she defied the odds,blew up your shallow crystal bubble and refused to be the norm,the stereotype, the cliche,the we have seen this before,been there done that or whoever you think she should be!
I was going to get a photo line up of all Miss Uganda winners for the past few years so you can see what standing out looks like but then I realized my narrow-minded fellos may not get past the optics,because thats what happening right.The stereotypical ego can’t get past the optics,its too much trouble!! So well I decided against it!

But for how long? And they say whites are racist! Really people? I was pissed off at first when I saw all the social media outbursts) about how ill-fitting she is of the crown and then I realized I just felt sorry for whoever had the audacity to be negative to a 23year old for achieving her dream.
You live in a tiny box and your suffocating,you literally need some air.Come out and breath take a look in the mirror and see past  your face,the colour of your skin,size of your nose and whatever else causes you to think that you would be more beautiful without it.
The good book says external beauty is vain & fleeting and until people like Reigning Beauty Queen Leah Kalanguka (Oh yeah she is and is going to be for a while so you may as well accept it) receive the much needed support when they defy the odds,we may as well still be stuck in colonial slave days.
So I hate to say it but if you need to be light-skinned,shaped a certain way,have a full-time wig on,have three hundred thousand ( I just love that number) layers of make up on,to not just feel but know your beautiful,then you need to grow up.
You need an esteem class,a copy of “Its from the Inside Out” (I also totally made that up) and above all you need Jesus.
Lets embrace Leah,lets not feel bad she broke out of the box & just learn to be resilient ,to pursue our dreams regardless of what majority votes and that she’s Miss Uganda call your therapist or do whatever you do to deal!