Everyone with a calender knows that we are fast wrapping up 2014 so naturally am all sentimental,a very rare occurence so am using it to write something.I realized or more like a friend made me realize that I should be a consistent blogger.I mean I cant say I have a blog and yet everytime someone asks me to send them a link,so they can check it out, I come up with some lame excuse because my last post was a century ago right? Enough said about my obvious inconsistent blogging lets get back to my sentimentality as I talk about the people i admire.
1.The dream-chasers
Am not sure i got that right (the phrase I mean) but ooh well! I like to think i have been around long enough to know that having a dream is one thing, but to follow it around regardless of the curve-balls is phenomenal! There is just something about a person so passionate about their dream that gets me all admirey if thats even a word.So if your the person pursuing your dream and still holding it together,you have my utmost admiration because God knows its not easy and we therefore need to be friends.

2.The fun-havers.
Am sure we all have our idea of fun.Personally its the usual hanging out with my friends preferably at a place with lots of food,making the loudest noise as we dance to some epic music that Jesus would approve of.Since its common knowledge that life doesnt always give us fun moments,I do admire the people that create fun out of life’s craziness,that takes real courage.I hate the life is short phrase so I always go with life is too good to sulk your way through it.I made a decision this year to wake up everyday and choose to have just that one good day and it worked.I mean who knew law-school was fun!! So if you take the time to have your kind of good time even on a rainy day,congratulations your on my list of people I admire.


.Keep it cute while your at it will you?.

4.Then there are my friends.
Its a short list but its a fabulous one,full of awesome fun people.I never thought I was a friends-maker or even more a friends-keeper but these people prove me wrong everyday.Some of them I hardly see and yet its like they have never left.This year I made a decade of friendship with the coolest chic ever a.k.a Prima

She is truly amazing and she is one of those girls you kno is not going anywhere,clearly! There are other age-old friends but 10years is worth a blog mention.Then there are fresh ones especially Chicky Counsel

,my study-buddy,occassional prayer partner & all round fun sanity pill who I keep wondering where she has been all my life.Then my girlfriend in God a.k.a Mercy

(that title was totally her idea) All I will say is that this girl makes me happy and throws inspiration at me without even trying plus she says I talk too much which means she is honest so really whats not to like? She is my kind of girl.

4.My family
You know what they say even though I have never understood the logic: you save the best for last.I truly believe everyone should meet my family atleast once in their lifetime,seriously am just saying its an experience and am lucky that I get to call them my people and so here is why I admire them.First of all I donot know how they do it,hang out with me I mean because I cannot hang-out with myself for that long and yet they do so effortlessly.Then they keep doing me favours even though am pretty sure I exhausted all my favour cards years ago.They are also like my personal cheer-leading squad that doesnt take a break its amazing,and by the way where do people learn to love like that? Its insane & I do admire these my people for more reasons than a blog post could mention-maybe a book can come close.So you guys I want to be you when I grow up..

its a wrap for 2014 and my sentimentality is fast running out too.I hope I make a better blogger in 2015.