Read the passage below and find an appropriate title because I am clueless

Someone once told me that the best thing about being confused is that your at the verge of learning a really great lesson.I hope that is true because for some reason am team learning great lessons as long as its not the proverbial hard way.And as usual this first statement has nothing to do with what am writing about which am also about to figure out.Unserious? maybe but like Pastor Joel Osteen likes to start with something funny, i like to start with a tit-bit of wisdom.

It came to my attention recently that this my blog will be making a year on 12th February.Shocked? Me too my friend.First of all( i do not  know why i use that whole first of all thing all the time) this was not the plan.Meaning the day I started blogging I really hoped that I would have more articles written by the end of the first year, but well that ship sailed or more like capsized so we are moving on. My plan is to have posted at least my tenth article by this baby’s 1st birthday which is very ambitious considering its 30th JAN today.That is why instead of researching for my exhausting moot question or reading for my jurisprudence,equity or negligence classes tomorrow am sitting in front of a computer typing away.I wouldn’t call it the smartest move considering my team-mate is all up in my business about the research but sometimes a girl just needs to be blogging okay especially when she just found out she passed the nightmare that was the law of sales exam.

I will be the first to tell you that some stuff I post these few days leading up to her birthday maybe pretty unreadable but I am on a mission to hit the 10 posts mark so if your reading please endure a few more highly unedited work and typos then after post number 10 we shall get back to the real stuff that I post after a pen and paper preparatory session and by the way I still do not know what this post is going to be about.

Before my former life came to an unexpected end a few years ago I used to be extremely closed off and by that I mean I had the do not disturb sign up all the time.I placed myself in a place where you had to be extremely courageous to even ask me what my name is,was am not sure.Reason,still working on it but I have a few ideas or two but the winner is that I always wondered what my approval rate was.

One of my friends is in the habit of getting into arguments with me about my faith and how unrealistic it is to be christian and recently he even suggested I change churches because apparently Watoto church is not exactly christian enough.Usually I do not indulge him because I always say God is God so He requires no man’s approval but this particular time I decided I was going to tell him quite a few things as Chicky would say so here goes….

The number one reason the first thing I say about myself,when am asked to introduce myself besides my name, is that I am a Christian is because I no longer wonder what my approval rate is because I am very much aware that I am a product of a perfect God and with that comes clarity.

Clarity that everything has been caused to work together for my good,

Clarity that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and nothing gets better looking than that.

Clarity that the Almighty God has my name written in the palm of His hand

Clarity that I cannot be forsaken,forgotten or left behind

Clarity that lines have for me in pleasant places so I have a Godly heritage

Clarity that as soon as I need help there is a very present helper on my speed dial

Clarity that as long as I have breathe in me I cannot fail

Clarity that nothing can get between me and God,not even angels stand a chance

Clarity that for all things,physical, spiritual or otherwise I have an abundant source

Clarity that with God my approval rate never changes and that is definitely a good thing.

Well I could go on but I just realized you that you read the word clarity long enough chances are you may bite your tongue and we do not want that now do we?  So the answer to why I am a christian is that life is so much better with a good dose of clarity to go with it

Graduation Jitters:Not Mine

My friend Joel is very worried about what his life is going to be like when he graduates from law school in July.First of all come the year of our Lord Jesus Christ when I graduate,I will be a lot of things but worried will not be one of them. You have to pick a battle: worry or excitement and I choose the fun part.

Back to Joel and his worries which I have to say are not utterly unfounded, although why should he spend one of the most anticipated moments of his life over thinking the aftermath? I understand (not totally) that if you have spent the last four years of your life in school,you do not how to do anything else and that can be scary but that is also why we go through school instead of staying in school.I mean the graduation gowns cannot wear themselves right?

A lot of people carry around this idea that life is a lump sum but I believe that life is just moments.Moments when something profoundly amazing like your graduation happens (whether your the first graduate in your family or clan or the 100th),so do not ruin it for yourself by fusing scary thoughts in there .I think we spend so much time anticipating things than we do actually enjoying them and thats a bad habit.What is it they tell us in school; ‘preparing for a bright future’?. Iam all for all things bright future just for the record but I have learn t that bright future does not always turn out in the color we painted it in our fussy minds and that that,is not necessarily a bad thing.There is no amount of career advice,foreboding or worriful (that is definitely not a word)nights that can get you to this bright future faster or change God’s plan so you may as well go ahead and have a blast as you make good choices.

So this shockingly brief post is a not so desperate cry to my friend Joel or as I prefer to call him Papa C.J and every other worrisome(now thats a word) person to bask in the excitement that the anticipation of graduating has built over the past four years because you deserve a pat on the back for getting this chapter of your life right.Do not counter that with an unhealthy fear of the future because four years ago this was the future and from where am sitting typing this it seems pretty amazing.

I do not like the phrase live in the moment because I think that most people use it as an excuse to do regrettable things but I know your not most people so that is what I am telling you to do.

When Feelings Went Rogue

This particular post is very precise,reason? i substituted my vocabulary for my nephew’s and I have no idea how to get it back. My favorite blog buddy Mercy of atim’sthoughts has been on my case to post but for the first time in my life i had an excuse that wasn’t ”I haven’t come up with something yet”. My excuses are, 1. my not so smart phone hit a snug and i had to reset it,given my not so awesome knowledge about gadgets and stuff I forgot to back up the applications so my mobile blogging app was nowhere to be found when I needed it.I could have downloaded it again except MTN Uganda decided that my mobile data bundle should be used up the minute I Ioad it.(Isn’t there a forum through which we can sue these white collar criminals?) Am not  even going to indulge further in my frustrations with MTN because its a whole other post but just wait I get my law degree.So thats why my blog has accumulated cobwebs.(Kunsa’s words not mine). Now to the business of real blogging.

They say ( I have no idea who) that your as strong as your lowest moment so I like to say especially for the sake of writing that your best work is when your experiencing the most raw of emotions.The kind that are so overwhelmingly real but you can not reduce them into words.The day I wrote this and intended to post it-Friday 23rd January 2015 was the kind of day I would have had no problem sleeping through pretending it was not happening.Lucky for it,the day I mean life does not work that way.The sun does not fail to come up because you do not want it to,it may even shine brighter.It was an emotional grill for real,its a day that reminds me of one of the greatest losses I have had to deal with and I do not know how to throw or even attend pity parties I really tried to shove it  away to some box in my mind and I figured I would be too busy to open it.

However of all days all my usually overly enthusiastic lecturers decided not to show up for class,there was no power at hostel so 0 distractions and  lo and behold (I have never understood what that means) it was just me and my little box of emotions.I did laundry which is my least favorite chore and cleaned but still had a lot of time on my hands because of all days I had done the assignment for class due the next day.Its like the universe was harassing me to feel,to not avoid what I knew was happening and of course MTN was being thievy as my sister would say.

I will tell you that I rarely talk about my feelings because well lets face it people have real issues like cancer,war,and every other really disturbing situation happening in the world so Am always of the view that lets keep the trivial things like my feelings out of the equation.I like to think am 100% team count your blessings and yet here we are.I did go through the day feeling like crap and not talking about it and then I remembered I had a journal ( more like a 2013 diary that I have used exactly four times) and a blog that is accumulating cobwebs.

So what happens when your feelings break free from the ‘do not touch’ box you locked them in? The day taught me that you deal with them,you have a good cry or two,take a nap or four or you do what you have to do( that is not a free ticket to exercise poor judgment) and then you write or blog about them.Your allowed to have a day that is not all flowers chocolates and puppies ( I do not even like puppies)and when its all said and done you will still be here unless of course your way of dealing was suicidal.

So i took a trip down feelings’ lane and I got back safe and not sure about the sound part though am working on it because my lecturers eventually did show up as enthusiastic as ever and last I checked there is no course unit called ‘feelings gone rogue’

Hope it was as precise as I thought but and please let me know in the comments what that has been like for you and you never know next time we may throw ourselves one big pity party and  I may even attend.

From a place of Inspiration

There is a reason why the world or atleast parts of it swims everyday in a pool of mediocrity and so sitting at a wedding last week I discovered that it must be l a lack of inspiration.
I went on rampage (which is a total exaggeration) for what it means to be inspired and one particularly stood out which is “to blow breathe into or onto,to breathe in,to infuse with life,prompt towards a thought or feeling,have an animating effect on,impel towards creative efforts”.
That looked way easier to explain when I typed it but now its causing me ‘writer’s block.My understanding is that what is inspirational should fill you with a rare kind of enthusiasm,as powerful as life-giving breathe that it is impossible not to be super good at whatever it is your inspired to do.”Inspiration is a process which takes place when somebody hears or sees something that causes them to want to do or create something” .
Before this post turns out as another good old copy &; paste piece (we already have enough of those going around) here is what I know inspiration to be
Its a place.
Not the kind you will find on google maps or a GPS locator (as seen in the movies) but one that is within.I figured it has to be a place that exudes motivation to not just be good but excellent.

While discussing before an exam with my friends,the topic of what is good enough came up and interestingly everyone does think that topping the class is the measure but I politely disagreed because that doesnt cut it for me (for the record I have never topped my law class so I could be wrong). I mean its important to be motivated by that but that is pretty short-lived considering you have to graduate sometime.The bottom line is good enough is not good enough unless its the best that your abilities can supply…and now I feel like I am writing one of those similar motivation books.
The place of inspiration should be where excellence is inevitable because if doing or not doing something is not inspired,it reeks of mediocrity,you know what they say (I donot know who): either do it well or don’t do it at all.
Whatever is inspired has excellent qualities.
I have learnt a few things in the very short amount of time I have invested in learning and one of them is ‘the only reason you should do something is because you have been inspired to’ that sounds pretty philosophical but I like to think its the truth.The world has way too much mediocrity going on and we shouldnt be adding to the list of, absentee parents,poorly written & plagiarised books/movies,scripted reality shows,recycled lyrics in the name of music,foul language,unreliable service providers,obnoxious media personalities,sextapes,nude photos allover social media,ridiculous outfits,bread excuses for cake,tastless excuses for food,lame excuses for love,pathetic excuses for apologies &I could go on all year mentioning that but add to the list.
Iam just saying that life is too good for anything but excellence.Its a new year and we are all awash with resolutions that hardly hold to the first week of the year ( in my case I mean which is why I stopped making them) so here is an idea,just purpose to seek inspiration before you take on anything  in 2015 and just maybe you can pull off one of your resolutions maybe even two and just so you know,for all the help you need & can get,you always have God for that.

Happy 2015 I know its going to be.