Is it just me?

This post is unsually short because I had 0 intention of blogging today but it just happened to me.The reason I actually love Sunday television is that is its a class apart. (My knowledge of constitutional law is yelling at me to say its sui generis). For those of you that have made a habit of forgetting your way to church every Sunday you can relate. I don’t know what your reasons are but for me its because Saturday evening is a better fit for service time which is why Watoto church is just the best for making it happen.
So Sunday morning I get up & hold the TV remote and indulge in a range of music,sermons & stories all some how finding a connection to Jesus.
Who am I kidding I flip for a second or two at other stations then back to NTV-GXP especially when DJ Twonjex starts spinning…and ya I may also be abit obsessed with with David Oguttu (it has every thing to do with his blog) point is Sunday Television is different.
That said I have also observed a few things but then again it may just be me.

Most Ugandan musicians should probably quit singing  in the queen’s language (Their own songs I mean)
One of my literature teachers (teacher of literature what’s the difference?) used to say that we should make sure all the ts are crossed and i(s) dotted a thing my sister reminded me of.Back to the point its painful to hear someone try to cross every t and dot every i in a song..Music sounds like music when its authentic. Maybe am just on a rant but I also did say most so those who must should.

Playing the Nude Card?

On one of those numerous reality shows,a person whose wife has made an entire fortune showing off her body parts -literally, made a statement of support. He said ” her nudity is her power”.

Am not sure if he said that because he actually believes it or because he doesn’t know what to say to the fact that his wife’s private parts are her global brand. Anyway this seems to be an episode  lots of Ugandan women & girls watched because how else would you explain the rampant exposure of all things best kept clothed especially when more than one person is watching…?

Here are some famous naked moments in Uganda recently:   1.Protesters seeking parliament’s undivided attention- its a little thing they like to call  “naked injustice”


2.Amuru district elderly women refusing their land to be grabbed just like that


The caption for this was “women resist army officials by unleashing secret weapon”.

3.Those stripping for the camera because somewhere in their mind it sounded like a good idea along with those that tried it as a way of passing some love test. (The question was probably stated as follows; ” If you love me, show me by sending me a picture of your boobs among other related body parts!”).

Here is another form I found rather interesting, a danish activist Emma Holten posted nude photos to combat revenge porn. The short version of the story is that the ex boyfriend shared her nude photos online so she decided to get her own nude photoshoot so she could show off her body on her own terms. The Irony! Full story right here if you care to know
Totally makes sense, you know the saying,  ” if you hate or you don’t like how your first nude pictures got online take others and this time post them yourself”( I made that up)
The funny part of all this is we are doing it because somewhere we are convinced its going to gain us some sort of respect.The way I see it is just free optical nutrition to the men looking on & we are getting the wrong kind of attention. Whatever happened to communication ( you know that thing that happens when you use your words to convey a message and its received?)
Who even started this especially right here in Uganda & no its not Desire Luzinda of the “Kitone” fame? I honestly need to know because I swear I don’t get it.
The last thing we want is our girls growing up thinking you have to flaunt ‘it’, to get what you want and Iam scared that’s the message our politicians, activists and celebrities are sending.
Maybe Iam a prude or an old fashioned traditional girl but I will say this in express terms, if the only way you know how to get a point across is by stripping naked, you need a communication skills class and Jesus,  because nudity is not your power, your brain is.