I am Sorry Mbabazi I don’t buy It.

You know Iam no politician. That means that half the time I could care less what this Minister is saying or what that  member of parliament is up to. And I know that is a bit dumb to say considering law and politics are expected to be in some kind of civil arrangement but Oh well Iam just a  girl who thinks you can be a lawyer and stay a way from the political arena.
So imagine my surprise when I find myself blogging about Mbabazi and his minions. The reason Iam blogging about this is because I may be no politician but Iam no fool. I may not care what propaganda the executive is spreading but I pride myself in doing the right thing.So ya that letter former prime minister wrote to the president is a bunch of hypocritical bullshit to say the least.
(Quoting Straight from the copy in the Daily Monitor of Thursday June 18th 2015)

“When we look at our accomplishments its clear we still face many more challenges.These in brief are…to fight corruption….”
Are you kidding me? The man who has been named in every corruption scandal now thinks its a good time to be fighting it well because being president comes with way less responsibility than being minister.
How about this, go get all that  CHOGAM, Temangalo, LC1 bicycle scheme money you bagged give it back, ask for forgiveness and then ask us nicely to trust you to be our president?

Good governance occurs when the Ugandan people can expect accountability, transparency and finally  effectiveness and efficiency”.
Now this is actually hilarious because Mr Amama has been part of this very system from the beginning and yet here we are. He has the audacity to say what Uganda needs when he has been a fundamental part in building the catastrophe that this nation finds itself grappling with.
Here is the deal convince you and all your other old folks that created this mess to drive  your fancy cars to your glamorous country homes and retire because that’s what Uganda needs.
We may even come visit.

The change Uganda must have requires someone with the requisite ideas energy and drive….”
And he goes on to say his experience makes him the man for the job. Now I don’t purport to know all his accomplishments but I know that an apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.
However considering his writing skills a book is not the worst idea to pursue.
We may even buy it.

“I remain loyal to my party the National Resistance Movement. Yet my greatest devotion is fixed upon my country Uganda and it’s people.
Well well nothing says loyal more than running against a fellow member of the party right?
And about the devotion to Uganda and allegiance to its people isn’t that the tired speech every one running for office feeds us?

I could go on all day but like I said politics are a whole different ball game I haven’t mastered but here is my unsolicited opinion:
people like us, should be very forgiving because its the christian thing to do but we shouldn’t be so naive to think we have a better president in Mr Amama than Mr Museveni.
He is as much a part of the tired system requiring an overhaul as all them old government folks.
Yes we need a change of system but no he is not the man for the job so before you get thrown in jail by police or have an entire can of tear gas thrown at you in support of the man promising you fundamental change,  just make sure your not being duped.