Here Is To Wishing

Since the passing of General Aronda last week, their has been an overwhelming outpour of high sounding nonsense dressed as conspiracy theories by a great number of people. Personally I have wanted to pay tribute to the fallen General but I couldn’t find the right words mostly because I feel like there are people more qualified for it on a personal level, then I read my friend Joel’s blog at joelbasoga.blogspot. com. He lost his dad who being a minister at the time can definitely relate to this tragedy and not on a state funeral, media noise level but on a personal one and I found exactly what I needed to say.
In the middle of all the gun salutes, the special parliamentary session is a daughter who won’t have her dad around to give her away on her wedding, and that still doesn’t top the list of her worries,  there is a boy who looks so despairingly down because he knows his days have become darker and that’s just my amateur interpretation of one picture..
And at the centre of all this there is Linda now labeled, “widow” who can’t afford to fall apart because she has to raise her family singlehandedly.


Somewhere there is actual loss

There are also the General’s siblings and I can’t even put myself in their shoes because for most people with siblings losing one should be one of the highest forms of pain & I can’t relate…
And if he still had his parent (s) , from what I hear losing a child tops the devastingly painful food chain.
The friends also will need a separate dose of pain medication to deal with the void of losing a peer.
Then there is his extended family which just had the faces of their family events altered not in a good way…
I could go on but I don’t purport to know the General’s personal life I just know that somewhere in between the pathology reports, the conspiracy theories, the self-seeking comments, the massive military funeral preparations and
media coverage, (NTV Uganda/ Daily Monitor is doing a good job), there is a loss that is so glaringly real that words may never articulate it for most of those it has affected.
No amount of promises to take care of the family will ever give the widow comfort enough or her children the security of having their dad alive.
So I wish people can stop with the outpouring of nonsense disputing the cause of death,  or whatever else insensitivity they have cooked up in order to milk as much relevance from this family’s loss because he is dead and somewhere in Buziga & Rukunguri life has changed forever.
In the lives of those he touched, those that knew Aronda Nyakairima, the man,the son, the husband, father, brother or friend not the Chief of Defence Forces or  Member
of Parliament & Minister there is grief that this bubble of conspiracy theories is just fueling and that is just rude.
And yes I know freedom of expression is a constitutional right but here is to wishing that we are decent enough people to just let people grieve in peace..

The Encouraging Thunder Award

My friend over at nominated me for this award I didn’t know about. Thank you very much. But encouraging & thunder go very well together in my head so am taking it as a nudge to awake my blogging sleeping beauty.
Also I have ditched howdaudiseesit.tumblr as my favorite blog & moved on to firstly because Daudi takes too many blog  vacations and it gets lonely & because these my new fave bloggers have  great ideas and are kicking ass at execution also they don’t write so bad.
Incase you have no idea what Iam mumbling about head over to their blog & thank me later. If you still don’t get it than check out their social media. Enough about me & my new favorite thing & back to encouraging thunder.
I apparently have to tell why I blog which I did posts ago but as I think about it the reasons range from what I said then here to
1. Sometimes Iam on a hunt for depth. I look at something amazing & instead of wowing & moving on I decide I need to form a paragraph or two about it. Usually half way through I realise writing about picturesque things or stars isn’t my thing & I give up.
2. Sometimes speech fails me  & the rutooro accent pierces through  a statement I want to make & Iam like ” good luck finding your way to written English”.
So I blog and all of a sudden the sting of being ” Omutooro Kaswa” ( read conc) is not in my way.
3. Sometimes I invest a little in a good read & I want to say something about it
4. Sometimes Iam on a taxi at 3:00am enroute from Fort Portal and I would rather do anything than take another listen at the excruciatingly painful music collection of Ali ( the taxi driver at 3:00am who is my fave taxi guy).
So I have been thunderously encouraged & for this award that’s been the first thing I have been nominated for I nominate