Aha Moment

I hate taxis. Not for the usual reasons of extremely rude conductors or terribly uncomfortable seats that more often than not set my butt a blaze, because well a trip to the mechanics is not priority for the owners/drivers of these extensively necessary evil public transport appliances..
I hate taxis because the people who man them  don’t even try to beat the world epidemic that is mediocrity, but this is not about taxis or mediocrity.

I just needed to get that out of my system because I came to the realization that I write most of my posts from taxis.
Maybe because I always need a distraction from the fact that I am secretly frying the brain cells of the drivers but especially the conductors & my frustration for the fact that I haven’t mastered how to get away with murder yet. Okay seriously I need to stop.

So I had those “Aha moment”  things. If you don’t understand what that is, its a phrase invented by Oprah Winfrey which was added to the Merriam Webster dictionary and means a moment of realization, inspiration or insight. In essence a point anywhere where you go like “aha or anha”..(Now that I think about it, she didn’t even invent the phrase she just added ‘ moment to it & because she is Oprah, made it popular. What’s wrong with me am circling yet I actually I have a point to make).

My ‘aha moment’ came while I read an article but how social media has learnt how to manufacture outrage. You know people find themselves mad about things because well they seem like something to be mad about, but when you actually stop & ask them why they are all worked up they don’t know or can’t explain what their rage is about?

That’s pretty confusing so let me break it down.
I am not one of those ” let’s- demonize- social media -on social media” people because I find it a bit too hypocritical for me, God knows it has its perks.

I am however a rational enough human being to notice the misery those perks come with. Take for example the terrorist attacks in France. Within a few hours what was honestly a horrendous, life-altering catastrophe had created a global social media stampede of people mad at people for expressing their sympathy for France in a measure not fully accorded to other countries when they suffer similar tragedies.

I must admit I fell on this outraged bandwagon  until I realized I wasn’t mad that twitter was awash with #PrayForParis or that Mark Zuckerberg gave them a flag, I honestly wasn’t mad at all. hip just allowed myself to be manipulated into thinking I should be.
Seriously though how does a massacre of innocent lives turn into a race or religious thing?

I will tell you how, social media manufactured outrage and the reason we fell for it is because it amplified the real issue with the human race- selfishness a.k.a me-me syndrome.

I am not watering down the age old inequality between races or any issues that may have come to light thanks to the freedom of speech we most definitely enjoy, I just think our problems would be way less if we looked beyond ourselves for just one minute to be empathic.

Also you could look at it this way on the off chance that we are actually pissed off that the world gives more sympathy to people of a certain colour, aren’t we fueling the very fire we want put out? I mean shouldn’t we be too busy being nonracial so well we don’t go back to that time?

So let’s take a moment be sympathetic & stop being mad because well we actually aren’t.
That’s it

May We Stop Yelling

A wise woman once told me that when you are inspired to write anything, write it at that very moment because the inspiration usually doesn’t last very long so why is all this information relevant exactly? Because right in this moment I have been inspired  to write about these our presidential campaigns.
Today I had the misfortune of being in the middle of all the hype of the President having a rally at Kololo, as JPAM was holding something of the sort in Nakivubo stadium, just when something to do with nominations was taking place in Namboole,  the day my boss thought it’s was a good idea for me to leave my school comfort zone ( it felt like the only place I would rather be but just for today), pick documents I had to file at the NRM headquarters ( which as it turns out were closed), so yes it was a misfortune.

Disclaimer: I am no political genuis so this is just an observer’s rant.

Today reminded me of a conversation I overheard when some one was suggesting that the kinds of people who vote in these elections should be a little more specified.
The point of the conversation was that people who don’t understand the implications of their vote in the grand scheme of things should not be allowed to cast their vote especially the presidential one.
I remember going all psycho law student on these people whose conversation I was eavesdropping & stating what I scantly remember from my constitutional law class about rights of all citizens to vote, the infringement of  fundamental rights yala yala…
Essentially I paraded an ‘I am a human rights advocate’ & left them feeling like the devil for even thinking some people are best suited to vote but if  today taught me anything, it is that may be these my ‘ devils’ had a point.

I walked through masses of people  forget the pilgrims to Namugongo  on 3rd June or the Cancer Run or MTN Marathon people, I am talking about a stampede of the Lord’s last creation.
Some brought from their Kijura, Kiburara, Rwenkuba ( all names of villages, where I come from but yes from all parts of this country) by fuso lorries (usually an exclusive means of transport for cattle, trucks( usually carriers of crates of soda and beer), buses, taxis ( which abandoned their usual noble job of taking us the non-driving folks) and those on foot. It was a feast of the yellows in all sides of Kampala.

Where were we?  Yes criteria for voting should be more than universal adult suffrage. The issues we find this our nation facing, have so much to do with the fact that most of the electorate doesn’t know the implication of that tick on the ballot but somehow we are all yellers of the need for change yet we leave our fate in the hands of people whose greatest need is a trip to Kampala by whichever means available and daily bread.

I am in no way suggesting that the needs of people who require their sugar, soap & bread needs to be met by a presidential candidate are not valid,  I am saying that maybe they shouldn’t be the people we leave to make the decisions that in turn lead to cringe-worthy policies and conditions us the town people make noise about after not voting.
Oh yes and I know that there is more to the win than casting our votes but my uneducated, unqualified guess is its a start.
So let’s vote or stop yelling  shall we?