Leibster Blog Award Things

Sinawo, the Xhosa Girl that am about to kill,  nominated me for the Leibester Award and am very grateful.

Rules of the award
A blogger can nominate up to 10 other bloggers, then create a post announcing the nomination.
The nominated bloggers should have less than 3,000 followers.

The first blogger then asks 10 questions to these bloggers.

If the nominated bloggers accept, then they create their own post accepting the nomination & linking back to the first blogger, answering the 10 questions, then nominating more bloggers and asking a new set of questions.

The award keeps getting passed on so that readers can discover new blogs.

1.What makes you smile without fail?

My 3 year old nephew and his extremely innocent take on life.

2.What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re totally alone?

Watching  scandal episodes, dancing in the mirror and dreaming large

3.When was the last time you felt completely proud of your blog?

Everyday of the last two months. I have become a more regular writer and it has introduced me to an awesome writing community. It makes my day everyday reading people’s work.

4.If you took me out on a bae/friend date, what would we do?

Live band,  ice cream and a lot of talking.

5.Have you ever left someone you still loved?

No,  he will find me and I have no intention of leaving.

6.What is your greatest talent?

Bathroom singing.

7.What is the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents?

That am considering joining the army after school.

8.Besides me of course, which other writer would you love to meet in real life?

That’s a whole list but there is a name on top of it.. 🙂

9.What is the last flirtatious thing you did to attract a crush?

I have no idea what your talking about.

10.If you could read minds, whose would you like to read the most?

Sinawo Bukani’s at the time she threw me under the bus,  buried me and danced on top of my grave.

11. What is top priority on your bucket list?

Zip lining.. That may be Easter Weekend plot.

I nominate




Angel Mbeks




Joel Jjemba


And these are the questions:

1. What happened the last time you cried?

2. Most embarrassing habit?

3. What’s the one thing you would change about yourself if you could?

4. What’s the favorite part of your day?  Why?

5. What do you think of my blog?

6. Kids?  How many?

7. Favorite book, why?

8. Is growing up as fancy as you imagined?

9. What was your favorite part of growing up?

10. Which question did you hate answering?

#UgBlogWeek Day 7 -Five More Years

Today at 4pm,  Engineer Doctor Badru Kigundu, the chairman of the electoral commission graced our media outlets and told us we have five more years.

I told my sister that elections in this country are really a waste of resources because we always know the outcome.
We have danced this routine every five years.
We have known it so well we can do it and even teach it in our sleep.

We are so accustomed to our visitors from allover the world in form of Commonwealth, EU and AU election observers that we are no longer ashamed to pull out our bad manners as we host them.

So yes the promiser of fundamental change 30 years ago has five more years

Five more years of police brutality because the levels of impunity are high enough to cover their consciences.

Five more years of millions of mothers dying during child birth because the health centers are understaffed and the workers over worked and under paid.

Five more years of teachers begging for a salary rise and being told to wait for the next financial year but in the meantime teach.

Five more years of an education system no one is proud of because it produces people like presidential candidate Mabirizi who can’t differentiate between date and debt.

Five more years of only one national referral hospital only reserved for those too broke to afford a trip to Nairobi ‘s Aghakan hospital.

Five more years of our monthly doses of corruption scandals.

Five more years of bureaucratic bottle necks in every government institution, so frustrating we would all rather not seek their services.

Five more years of a judicial system so corrupt that the people will take mob justice any day.

Five more years of frustrated jobless graduates.

Five more years of a broken political system and cans of tear gas as treatment for its wounds.

Five more years of National prayer days because only God can save us from this one.. Walayi…

#UgBlogWeek Day 6- Open Letter to JPAM

Dear  Mr JPAM

My university held a guild presidential election a year ago where a beautiful girl was one of the candidates

There were chants of her name in all the corridors, guys sang her praises, T-shirts were printed with her pretty face on,  a squad of minions was recruited and songs composed to woo us into casting our vote in her favor.

Bottom line, she lost.
The world had her believing she was the next guild president with all their noise but after the amazing power of the secret ballot,  she didn’t even come close to second.
She lost so bad my heart hurt for her.

Fast forward to Uganda in 2015, a brilliant eloquent lawyer like yourself with credentials as long as the Nile, lost his job as Prime Minister at the hands of a president he had served for 30 years.

You were mad as hell,  with good reason, so I understand.

You made cringe worthy policies, supported the passing of laws (read Public Order Management Act) that only benefitted the power players, pulled off an election rig (allegedly) and was a force to be feared in these streets.

So you did what anyone mad at his president does in this country,  you joined the race to statehouse in 2016 fondly known as #UgandaDecides .

The crowds were encouraging your cause, and the ease with which the “Go Forward”, slogan ran off people’s tongues had you believing you had the voting ninjas fooled.

I don’t blame you for that too,  I would also believe them,  a good chant can take anyone’s mind to amazing places.

Trouble is, the love wasn’t real.  They didn’t forget that the CHOGAM,  global fund,  NSSF e.t.c, corruption scandal had your face and name as a common denominator.

They didn’t forget that Northern Uganda went through a war for over 20 years and not once did you make an effort to visit them, even in your capacity as Minister of Defence.

But maybe I should cut you some slack since you finally showed up on the campaign trail, a decade after the war right?

Of course they wore your campaign T-shirt, because hey, the hustle for clothes is real in these streets but that will be all Mr John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

Of course they sang your praises because the logistics that come with being on your campaign trail can satisfy a day or even a week’s hunger, but crowds lie.

Go home,  take your one 1.75% (for now,  am guessing it will reduce as the tallying goes on), and have your self a nice life.


Nothing Much Really

Happy 18th February in Uganda.
I traveled to my beautiful home sweet Fort Portal today because its the right thing to do when you get an undeserved break .

There was no traffic police anywhere on the road,even though you needed to fly off the road. The understanding is that today police have bigger fish to fry, so fly we did.

My eyes stayed glued outside looking at the different polling stations on my way,  and did people show up or what?

Also another rather interesting occurrence today ,was Uganda Communication Commission’s decision to switch off all social media platforms.

I don’t know if I should focus on what a gross infringement on the freedom of speech it is, or on what a relief it is that I didn’t see any bad news inform of social media propaganda.

The point is we are close to the end of February 18th 2016, and I got to spend it with the most important people in my life, I even saw he that fathered me for the first time in the longest time.

So am just grateful..
Here is to an election tallying fun weekend and maybe a fundamental change.

#UgBlogWeek Day 4: Survivor

17th  February 2016,
Also just a few hours  to the presidential elections.. Woop woop
I am very excited,  about nothing in particular but especially for the break from school.

It’s also feels like the eve of a wedding,  so much to get through, not enough time yet the show must go on, regardless of the amount of trust issues you have towards your wedding planner. (Read electoral commission)

Quick scan through every social media platform and the gospel is the same everywhere, “run and hide for the end is near” so I figured I still have work to do with this whole peace business.

This country is a survivor,
It has survived the colonialists, Amin  Obote and the shit storms they carried with them.
They had their moments and are now long gone,  only remembered because we need to milk as many public holidays from our calendars..

It has survived Ebola,  cholera and nodding disease and still boasts of a vibrant and very young population.

It has survived rebel groups and terrorist attacks and still has a very functional night life .

It has survived mud slides in Bududa and crambling mountains in Kasese.

It has survived police brutality,  army attacks on the judiciary and pretty much every abuse of the rule of law.

It has survived international condemnation for how it elects to run its business, and still has its boundaries clearly mapped out.

It has survived 30years of the same government that started off promising a fundamental change, that turned out to be a permanent change.

It has survived 5 days similar to tomorrow and is still here.

So hold on to share that tweet, Facebook post or WhatsApp message telling you to tell your friends, to tell their friends, to tell their friends and family  that this nation, will not survive tomorrow or this week for that matter.

Wake up, go cast your vote, eat your food (not in a ”it’s-the-last-supper” kind of way)  and rejoice because you survived along with great nation..
There is no end,  just the future!

#UgBlogWeek Day 3 and 2 Maybe

Valentines day is now a thing of the past until next year when we paint these streets again with our candid and over the top expressions of love..

Yesterday I allowed Law school to get in the way of my dreams of being a full participant in #UgBlogWeek but move over, dream snatcher I am back!

Perhaps a more descent excuse is I was trying to get through a book because am way late on my 12 months, 12books plan for the year  & maybe getting around to finally doing my first ever book review.

Wait where were we?  No where, I am still figuring out where to go from here.
Despite my attempts to stick to the theme Love and Elections, am afraid my creativity on the subject ran out as soon as I pressed publish on my first post  of the week

So allow me indulge in a good old rant which I can hopefully link to the theme in the last line or so.

This morning because my lecturer is mean so she teaches on Janan Luwum day, and comes an hour later than  8am with no apology yet I left my comfy bed, I stumbled on a blog that comes highly by me http://hermusingss.tumblr.com/post/139358954848/losing-yourself and she inspired a few things. How?  Let’s just say this rant is a product of her awesome take on life.

My destiny was pretty much cut out for me for as far back as I can remember. I knew I was going to law school before I knew what that meant. Also it hasn’t been smooth sailing and not because my brain lacks compatibility with school related things  but because life wouldn’t  be as awesome without throwing a punch or two.

Point is, until recently I didn’t see myself beyond that world, but during one of my lectures last week,  the lecturer asked who of us in class was a writer and I don’t know if I was high on inspiration from a book  My Subtly Royal Writer Chic sent me, or something but for the first time since never, I put up my hand and made a public declaration that I am a writer,  Yeeeyi me!! ( Of course he thought I write legal opinions but oh well)

Whoever said you are one thing, surely needs to be sued for misrepresentation. In school I like to preach the gospel of “your not grades” ( I have very good grades by the way just a disclaimer), but I don’t like how we get caught up in the box of school and a piece of paper that is somehow supposed to be an adequate measure of our full potential, to further lead us in another black hole that is an 8-5 job we resent but keep because it keeps us socially relevant and the non black sheep in the family.

Life is so much more,  purpose is boundless. It’s the ability to not be stuck in a box. It’s thrill of being excited by words, or music or photography or all of them and still being great at your job.

I did say it was a rant, didn’t I?
Refuse to be the label,  the stereotype, the statistic otherwise you will always wonder if you left a dent on the universe and that guy who created you expects you do a lot more than wallow in a sea of mediocrity.

And while we are still on the subject of refusing and it’s all about Love and Elections , flee from the social media anxiety bandwagon that has almost Ugandan and apparently international media outlets like Aljazeera, believing we are doomed because we are exercising our constitutional right to vote. 

#UgBlogWeek Day 1 -Pledge Peace


Source :Google Images

14th February a.k.a Valentine Day,

Also the day you get judged for wearing black and red,

Also a day after Uganda’s second presidential debate that, His Excellence Museveni attended and continued to remind us why he calls it a high school debate in the first place,

Also the day of every florist’s dreams,

Also four days to the highly anticipated 2016 presidential elections,

Also the first day of #UgBlogWeek under the theme Love and Elections .

So you can understand why my thoughts may be allover the place,  but here is to hoping that I can pull off a post.

First things first,  how are you doing?
Anyone doing anything extra special for you today?

I had the opportunity to watch the second round of the presidential debate last night and tweet my fingers off, about probably the less serious issues like candidate Maureen Kyalya’s choice of outfit,


Anyone seen the cultural gala she is meant to attend?

candidate Mabirizi’s continued confidence in his cluelessness, and the moderators forgetfulness about talkshow veteran Shaka Ssale and General Biraaro’s very existence, but I am resisting the urge to make a review of last night’s debate..

Except of course I have to say I preferred the first round because the issues were more relatable.

In all honesty a debate on foreign policy when am sure except a minute of Ugandan percentage have ever seen Uganda’s foreign policy or know what that fancy term is seems like a colossal waste of time and an opportunity for His Excellence to outshine his peers because well he has been its master mind for 30years.

Either way am very grateful to Justice Ogola all the organizers and sponsors of the debate for allowing us to be a part of history. That will be all about the debate..

At Watoto Church today the sermon was about loving Uganda,  especially right now. We are four days away from the polls and I couldn’t think of a more timely message.

If you are in 20000 WhatsApp groups like me, someone must have sent to at least one of your groups, a long text  telling you to stock up on food and water , fuel your car to capacity buy lanterns and resist the urge to hit the streets on or around the 18th of February, because Uganda may be getting a facelift.

Well I don’t blame the propagators of this wave of fear because history gives them precedent, and pictures of police tankers arriving at the border seemingly in preparation for a fight are not helping their timid hearts.

I will say this though,  we don’t need to be spreading a message of fear but of hope.  We should have faith that our nation can survive another presidential election without bloodshed, regardless of what we see.

We should love our nation and each other enough to know that when push comes to shove we shall stand together and say NO TO ELECTION VIOLENCE.

We should pledge peace. Every individual should refuse to participate in violence or anything that may be interpreted as such..

Elections come and go but this country,  God bless its dear heart, will be here long after we are gone.
And in the words of the pastor today, we can decide which Uganda we leave our children in and whether they shall always be consistently repairing it,  because we made bad decisions..

So go and vote, make a prayer and stay/spread peace..

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Elections Week

As usual I love you for reading.

Dear Visible and Invisible Friends

So WordPress notified me today that it is my blog’s second birthday.
Also this right here is my 50th post Yeeeyi…
I remember when we made one year and I promised my blog that I would do better by it the second year around.

Anyway in honor of two years of pursuing a hobby I didn’t even know I had, and for the purpose of joining my Xhosa Girl Sinawo Bukani  in the 29LettersofGratitude frenzy that February has her and a few other bloggers like Josh Agaba high on,  today I write a letter of gratitude to you my visible and invisible friends.

Who have taken the time to read my rants about everything and nothing for the last two years.

Thank you for giving my scribbling skills credibility.
Thank you for using your hard-earned data to open links to my blog…

Thank you for opening my world
To a world of possibilities
Sometimes I psych myself up and believe I can actually do this writing thing in a serious sense.

Thank you for bursting my law school bubble.
I definitely needed to get off that high horse and do this,
I didn’t like who I was when all I did was open law reports and Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence.

Thank you for teaching me to look beyond things.
Because I have to find what to write about…

Thank you for reading my opinions,
And criticising them either in good faith or in good fun.

Thank you for being my very own audience
In my head I see you as people who have bought tickets to attend my one woman’s show.

Thank you for being receptive of my experiences, confessions and half -baked conclusions about everything and nothing

Thank you for asking me to write
When I take long blog vacations

Thank you for telling me am good at this.
Something I struggle to believe every single day.

Thank you for being my sounding board
When my entire post is a venting episode

I write because you read
Thank you.

These Gratitude Things

I love  blogging at the beginning of the month, well because I always have a certain conviction about things at the start of the month and I want to share, but please don’t ask what happens on or around the 15th.

So the professional groupie in me is allover this blog by Sinawo Bukani. In my opinion writing doesn’t get more beautiful or more authentic, but if I had to do review of her blog am sure I am not qualified enough to do it justice,  so am asking you nicely to it check out here https://sinawobukani.wordpress.com

Anyway she is doing a 29LettersofGratitude a whole month series of letters to people that have left a mark in her life under the theme ” We Are Stories”, and as much as I would love to join, am afraid I have come up with enough excuses to recuse myself so I  will just take one.

Today I am picking a leaf from her and writing a letter of gratitude to “he- that- fathered- me” which is over 20 years overdue. How it turns out blame that Xhosa girl Sinawo, so here goes..

Dear Father
I haven’t checked it in a while.
Maybe because I don’t want to.
Maybe because I lost your number.
Maybe because part of me still believes you will call first..

But am not mad, I actually stopped being mad.
Lately I don’t even know how to be mad at you.
Or anyone for that matter.
But this is not about my emotions and their super natural abilities to hold down rage.
Today am actually thanking you.
Because someone being very grateful inspired me .

Thank you for choosing Mother Dearest ..
You sure know how to pick them.
Or your too honest a human being and you knew you would bail at some point,
So you chose Miss Resilient.
And she has held down the fort since 2002.
She even got us a new home.
And everyone of your children with her, but me is out of school.
For your impeccable choice in women, am very grateful

Thank you for my childhood.
Or part of it.
I don’t remember most of it and that’s not intentional…
But the girl I follow Dear fills in all the gaps for me..
And it sounds perfect.
For the horse riding, christmas dresses and bribes to do homework.
Thank you

Thank you for not looking back.
Because I am sure I wouldn’t have it in me to lose you again.
I must admit I waited for you on school visitation days, and maybe some Christmases ..
And then I just stopped
So thank you

Thank you for being my cheerleader
These days am a professional at it..
I like to tell people that they are good at things and you taught me that.
I have days when I remember that you called me a genius.

Thank you for lying,
That my teacher told you I was the best in my class even when I had 40 in Math or was it number in Primary One?
That sometimes gets me through a day of law school harshness.
On days I convince myself its hard.

Thank you for standing up for me against that bully in Primary Five.
I have never felt so protected.
She dropped out of school by the way
Just so you know

Thank you for always letting me give my opinion
Am a better woman for it

Thank you for the uniqueness you brought to my life.
I don’t remember seeing anyone with my kind of shoes or school bags or clothes.
In a good way.
That’s the closest I have ever been to being fashion forward 🙂

Thank you for showing up in the middle of a school day
With boots and a jacket because it had rained..
And you worried I was cold
It was pretty special

Thank you for all the dad-like things you did.
That I didn’t know about and probably never will

Thank you for not dying.
There is a part of me that thinks I would take it like a champ.
But there is a part that thinks I would be a mess.
I really never want to find out.

Thank you because somewhere in my head.
I know your exit paved way for God to take permanent residence in my heart..
Something about being fatherless and finding the ultimate father.