30 Days Blogging Challenge-Take 11

I love food. To buy it.  To cook it.  To look at it. To eat it.
I spend alot of my time and money hopping Kampala restaurants and trying out all manner of food, sometimes I can’t even pronounce.
When,  I go to a restaurant with friends, I am the one they ask to pick what they are going to order.
I love food,  I’m a proud foodie.
I don’t have favorites that’s would mean I have tried all the food in the world, and yet I am just beginning to discover the amazing world of food.

I do however have a few meals I wouldn’t mind eating again even right now though.
It’s also really hard to put food in words so pictures will do.
I hope you are not hungry.


The sound wrap, the not so Ugandan Rolex and a chococchino from my favorite restaurant a.k.a The sound cup. It has been going through a phase I hope it reopens soon

2. It was a birthday dinner for Atim which came 2 months after the birthday.


The grilled chicken served with potato wedges and a salad, and chicken noodles from Tamarai restaurant


Some very chocolatey things from PizzaHutUG. Don't remember their name.

Otherwise what do you like to eat?

30 Day Blogging Challenge Take 9 &10

Day 10!! Woo-hoo
I feel like I should celebrate this victory already but then I am reminded I skipped day 9 yesterday.

Why?  Because I worked so hard yesterday, I nearly passed out and my fingers were aching from all the writing I had to do and also because excuses excuses..
Anyways, how are you doing?
By the way if you read my blog, you have a piece of my heart.  Seriously thank you!
Now onto the business of telling you the contents of my excessively huge bag


I also don't know why but I love big bags. All my bags are around the same size

And here is what is in it.


1. A shawl, because I am always cold.
2. My phone’s charger because the battery of smart phones is not so smart.
3. A wallet, because cash, ID, ATM and a whole bunch of things I staff in it, usually come in handy.
4. A journal, because some times you just have to write something down.
5. A notebook for the less journal worthy scribblings.
6. A bundle of stick notes, because I just love having them and I easily remember things when I write them on those colored little papers.
7. Lotion, because you never know when you need it, considering my dry skin.
8. Shades,  because a pair on a shiny day is totally worth it.
9. Three tiny perfume bottles, because smelling good all the time is good manners hence very important.  I keep one deliberately empty in case I meet or visit a friend with a perfume I like and I have to ask or coerce them to pour for me some.
10. Lip balm, lip stick and lip gloss, because my lips need some TLC.
11.Blinders, because you never know when you need to take a nap,  even just for 5 minutes in the middle of a work/school day.
12. A pen or 6 and earphones because music is life.
It’s safe to say, I have a luggage carrier instead of a hand bag
What is in your bag?
And about the best trip of my life, let’s go with Washington in April for now,but “ebirungi biri mumaaso” (which is luganda for good things are are ahead)

30 Days Blogging Challenge. Take 7& 8

Yesterday thanks to UMEME and it’s continued ,no longer surprising inefficiency at providing us tax paying and bill paying citizens with power,  I was unable to write about my favorite songs.
Also I don’t have favorite songs.
In a world filled with great music,  it is not right to ask me to choose.
I love all sorts of music, from everywhere in the world but especially right here in the Pearl of Africa.
I love me some Abaasa. His music restored my faith in the existence of greatness..     


He also looks like that

Sam Kimera also holds a special place in my heart. With each lyric, the emotion is so tangible and the message crystal clear. He does leave any doubt.


Then there is the phenomenal, MoRoots, she is just the coolest thing to ever grace my play list. Her soul is so connected to the music that,  regardless of what or how she sings or plays that, saxophone, she will make a believer out of you. The sound of her is as authentic as her smile.


You can check her out perform live at the upcoming Blankets and Wine, and come back here and thank me.


That should have all the information you need to go

While still on the subject of Uganda’s fine music,  if you are a live band and I happen to be at an event you are playing,  please make sure you specifically sing Goodlyf’s Neera” for me.
That song bewitched me, it gets me everytime.
This music is all available for a free listen at the soundcloud.com
Moving on swiftly my five current goals are.
1. To get out of law school.
2. To convince mother dearest that I don’t need a big graduation party, but she can give me the financial equivalent of it.
3.To get into Harvard Law School for my post graduate.
4.Pull off this 30 day blogging challenge.
5.Travel to Karamoja so I can write their story.

Day 6-What I am Afraid Of.

I used to be afraid, genuinely scared of nearly everything.
As much as I would like to psych myself that I have fully dealt with all my fears,  that is not true.
However I have also learnt that I don’t have to act on my feelings of fear or out of them because feelings are overrated.
So what am I afraid of?
Falling in love.( insert face covering emoji)
I have spent the better years of my adulthood creating an electric fence around my heart guarded by men in military uniform.


The Bible tells me so

Why?  Because I refuse to ever become a victim of a broken heart.
I know loving someone is a choice.
My fear is that once you make that choice, it is ultimate almost like death.
There is no going back, not the same way you came anyway.
Otherwise how are you doing? Are you afraid of anything?

30 Days Blogging Challenge -Take 5

“What’s your proudest moment Fionah?”
Today’s challenge asks.


I must warn you though,  I have plenty of proud moments but the most recent definitely must be winning the blog for development contest.
Of course I told you all about it but you are welcome to recap here https://ikomusana.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/washington-take-one-2/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C3771903767( I still don’t know how to create short links)
It was in the phone call,
” Hello Fionah,  this is Sheila from the World Bank….”
I really don’t remember much of what she said after that, however I do remember that when it was done all I did was scream on top of my voice,
The feelings took a minute to catch up but, the girl in the mirror knew every moment of everyday after that, that I was very proud of her badassness


How are you doing otherwise?
Is it as cold where you are as it is in Fort Portal?

30 Days Blogging Challenge -Take 4

Today is interesting,  I am meant to tell you about my dream job. This show must go on.


Why is it interesting?  Because today I found myself questioning more than ever if I want to spend the rest of my career in a law office or worse a court room. (Please don’t tell mother dearest)

Maybe I was just bored,  or not having the work day of my dreams or the flu is doing terrible things to my judgement or maybe just maybe after I leave law school,  I won’t end up where mother dearest and I thought I would.

So what’s my dream job? Allow me do some wishful thinking and if you are looking to hire me,  here is a list of what I expect.
1.I am a noise maker by nature,  so my dream job needs to be in a place where they can tolerate my loud opinionated self and reward me for it.

2. My dream job is a place where I can be challenged.  I think one of the reasons I am not enjoying my work these days is because it is not challenging enough.  I feel under utilised, and stunted.

Like I could do more and be more but everyone else is just comfortable and I have no idea how to get them to aspire for more.

3. It should be a place where I can help people with my skills. I have come to learn in my very many years alive,  that’s  it is the greatest job in the world to render help.

I know alot of people have “save the world dreams” but I don’t, that’s Jesus’ job. I just believe in helping the people in my circle of influence and at the very least just one person. ( That can’t be that hard)

4. It must be a place where I can be availed equal opportunities with everyone. Where merit supersedes gender, religion and nepotism.

5. It must be a place where I can grow creatively. So it better allow me to write.

6. My co-workers must get my jokes.

7. It must pay me.

Otherwise how are you doing? Living the dream or what?

Ps: Google owns all images herein.

30 Day Blogging Challenge -Take 3

This is an excerpt from my blog last year about the things the academy of life has taught me over the years which you can check out https://ikomusana.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/the-things-i-have-learnt/?_
The blog challenge must go on and today I get to tell you about my favorite quote of all time.
Feelings are overrated.


There is always someone willing to throw something at me every time I mention this but we all know it’s true.
Its easier to focus on what you feel and forget what you deserve which is why more often than not you need to bundle those feelings of resentment,not wanting to read case books,not wanting to pray or talk to your friends into a tiny box and focus on the important things.
Feelings will get in  your way of  achieving the best.
Not that they are not important but they can be overlooked.
There are alot of things I never feel like doing including getting up every morning but well law school is not going to attend itself.
Joyce Meyer says , make a quality decision not to live by feelings they are a fickle& I that is a choice I have to deal with everyday.
For example I really didn’t want to go to work to day but am heading to a prison as I type this to convince some prisoners that they are better off accepting they committed the crime and getting a lighter sentence than waiting and going to a trial they may lose.
It’s not fun, I don’t feel like doing it, it’s actually pretty sad and depressing but feelings are overrated.
Otherwise how are you feeling today?

30 Day Blogging Challenge -Take 2


Twenty facts is a lot of things to say about myself  especially considering you may already know almost everything about me.
I feel like by the time I am done here I may have slipped into a narcissistic hole of sorts but hey it’s called a blog challenge for a reason.


Also happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and aspiring dads. Be a father everyday. ( That was yesterday when I started writing but am sure it’s still 19th in some countries)


I also found this

So here are 20 facts about me.

1.Up until a few years ago I had an imaginery friend.

I don’t know how it all began but I spent a lot of time alone as a child.
Our house was always full of people but I would hide in a bedroom or some place and talk to my friend.
It scared mother dearest and she prayed in tongues for me thinking I was associating with some demon while my siblings just wrote me off as weird.
I just learned later that I was just always having conversations with myself. A more rational version of me and slowly we grew apart with my imaginary friend.

Rationality is my middle name.

Save for absolutely rare occasions,  I am always team logic. I always have to make sense of things before I act on then. I think situations out. My first reaction to a death is never crying. I always slip in ” what can I do mode.”
I intentionally live stress free. I only engage in arguments I know I can win on logical and factual grounds.
I am beginning to rethink this, I need to be a little reckless. Abseiling was a good place to start.

3. I am a last born of four girls and lately my siblings are having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am growing up. It’s actually pretty hilarious to watch.

4. I have been to two different law schools. The story is pretty long and if I tell you, right now then I will ruin my graduation speech for you.

5. Speaking of graduation, it’s next year in July and  I kid you not when I say I am sure mother dearest has already picked out her dress.

6. I have been a church girl all my life.  Like seriously from Sunday  school to date, I have church credentials as long as the Nile. I actually lead two fellowships on campus and my idea of a perfect Friday night is an overnight.

7.  I have never been in a relationship. ( The dating a boy you like kind)  lol.
Before I used to say it’s because  no one I like has ever asked but that has changed since to a whole list of things. (That’s a blog post for another day)

8. I love to dance. When music is playing I stay on my feet the entire time.  I wasn’t so good at it but it’s a skill that has evolved over the years.

9. You already know this but up until my trip to Washington this year I had never been on a plane, nor had a passport.

10. I almost missed my flight back from Washington. Also long story but the short one of it is, the guy issuing boarding passes looked like a movie star, I told him and he got distracted.

11. Speaking of saying things,  I compliment people alot about all kinds of random things from their outfits to their hair to their skills, I can’t help myself.

12. I am the most brutally honest of my friends.  I can’t sugarcoat anything,  it’s work and I hate working.

13. I am incapable of tolerating bad service. If I walk into your restaurant,  you had better be nice to me otherwise I have no problem telling you calmly to be nice.
I have called all the water, power and phone service providers atleast once or left a message on their social media pages.

14. I haven’t been seriously sick since I was 12.

15. I have a very independent/ defiant mind. I only  do things I want to do and regardless of who is attending,  if I decide not to attend an event regardless of how many pictures posted or stories told about it, I never feel like I missed out.

16. I have been experiencing a reading slump (thank you Writer Chic for that word)  for months now. I need help.

17. I love to travel. I have been to almost every region of this country except Karamoja and I have every intention of going there.

18. I can’t drive. Partly because I like being driven and partly because laziness and excuses. The plan however is to learn by the time 2016 fire works go up.

19. I have no problem asking for help when I know I need it.

20. I love you for reading.  My blog is the surest,  safest and nearest route to my heart.

Ps: All images belong to google.

30 Days Blog Challenge-Take One.

My friend Atim and I are doing a 30 day blog challenge.
This is her way of making me a part of her search for a cure to writers block.
The question is can I write everyday for the next 30 days?
Let’s just not make any hasty promises okay?
But today is day one so let’s do this, let me tell you about my blog name.

“Everything and Nothing”

It actually came out of nowhere.
My friend and the world’s biggest critic Terrence,  said the first name I used was lame. ( You are lucky if you didn’t see it because it was really lame)
Moving on swiftly, everything and nothing is a fancy way of saying, I am very opinionated.
I chose everything and nothing because I don’t like boxes very much.
Everything and nothing because politics,  not politics, music not music, literature not literature, art not art,  lifestyle it all appeals to me and I want to write about all of it.
Everything and nothing because I blog my thoughts about all things, serious and trivial.
Everything and nothing is a polite way of saying I am completely clueless about what exactly I should be writing about, but I am figuring it out one post at a time.
Everything and Nothing because I don’t want to choose.

I have no idea what’s going on.

I hate fear stopping.
Taking it all in.
Getting in touch with what’s really going on.

So I dance and make noise.
I make small talk.
I rationalize.
I draw logical conclusions.
Anything but dealing with emotional mushy stuff.

I listen to music and hear every guitar string.
I analyze what could have been going on with the guy on the drums.
I talk about the song.
I refuse to relate to it.

I hate fear stopping
Because stopping means feeling
And feeling means honesty.
And I don’t know if I know how.