The End

Blog challenges like all things must come to an end even after a decade of not concluding them.

I know I stretched the 30 day blog challenge to probably 60 days but let’s wrap this up shall we?
Otherwise how are you doing?
I am personally very excited because  am heading to Kigali Rwanda as I write this.
It has always been a dream of mine to go back to Rwanda.
First time  I actually just went through but am going to stay this time for a week.
Am very interested in knowing the story of Rwanda besides the genocide that books have been written about.
So am going to milk this trip for everything it’s worth and if my MTN data bundle is fully functional, I will tell you know all about it.
I want to make acquaintance with the culture, the food,  the food again the people and to take a picture outside of that convention center. ( Have you seen the pictures of that place? It’s like the gods of architecture gave birth right there. )


So let me do the last 3 days of this challenge before Rwanda takes my breathe and my words away.

28. Embarrassing moment.
Thanks to the pop up messages on WhatsApp I accidentally told my entire class on the group that I have period cramps. (insert face covering emoji)
The message was supposed to be for my friend who was asking why I wasn’t in class. The minute I realized, I had sent it,  my tummy was no longer the only thing that hurt, but oh well.

29. A confession.
I can’t swim and I have a feeling I may never learn.

30. Hopes for my blog.
I absolutely hope that I can master the courage to keep writing, everything else will fall in line.
This is over? Miracles really still happen.
I love you for reading.

5am Blog Challenges.

Writing at 5am is becoming a thing or is it travelling at 5am that is becoming my thing?
Am still on this blog challenge business even if I haven’t been acting like it,  lately.
So maybe I will answer a whole bunch of questions to catch up.
How are you doing?

Day 16: Thoughts on education
I won a writing contest courtesy of my thoughts on education, more like courtesy of a rant on our education system here in the Pearl of Africa.
So education should be something that nurtures your passion and gets you a step closer into realizing your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.
Anything less is a reckless waste of time and money.
Education shouldn’t be a graduation ceremony or a GPA.  Inasmuch s much as those things have their role in the grand scheme of things, the adequate measure of anyone’s potential should never be reduced to their grades.
Education should teach you how to think not what to think  in other words it must tap into and enhance your creative juices, and more importantly, it should be accessible to everyone.
Sadly, everything I just said is exactly  what Uganda’s education system is not,  so before I turn this into another award winning rant,  let’s all move on shall we?

Day 17:Favorite Blogs?
Who even asks that?  It’s like asking me to pick my favorite sibling.
Everyone is my divergent favorite but, I really love having coffee with my Zimbabwean cousin Beaton,
I would throw me a party if I could write as consistently as Josephina and as refreshingly as The Writer Chic .
I think every person needs their own version of Joel Jjemba .
I am going to get on a plane one day to meet Sinawo Bukani,and together we shall go for live band.
I will definitely be at The Short Black Girl’s book signing.
The saved, fit and fabulous sister Eziaha has a permanent stalker in me,
And finally passion must have a face like Atim’s Thoughts.
I would however forget everything I just said, if I came face to face with Kenya’s Biko Zulu.

Day 18:Picture of myself




Meets after


This is just too good not to share l

Day 19: Favorite Movie.
I am more of a series kind of girl,  although, I have intentionally stopped selling my soul to script writers in general. So you get why I have no favorite movie right?
If you have to push your luck and make me watch a movie,  make it funny and by funny I mean Melissa McCarthy or give Gerald Butler a gun.

Day 20:What makes you happy?
Now this question, let me just list my favorite things.
Music Good music
Reading  sometimes.
Grey’s anatomy,  anytime, anywhere any day.

Day 21: What makes you sad?

Day 22: Your worst habits.
The ability to talk none stop.
I never explain myself or have a budget.

Day 23: If I won the lottery..
I would send mother dearest on a trip to Israel, it would definitely put me on top of her list of favorites plus, the way she would tell the stories would give me life… Lol

Day 24: What would I find attractive in love?
1. Be christian
2. Be funny.
3. Be funny.
4. Have the ability to accept a strong woman.
5.Be my friend.
PS: I know I said be funny twice.

Day 25: Biggest regret?
What is regret?

Day 26: Hidden talent?
I have said this before,  I can actually sing, but the bathroom is my target audience.

Day 27: What’s in my closet?
Lots of dresses that mother dearest thinks are too short or too tight or both and lately jumpsuits.
Shoes I don’t like very much except maybe for one pair


Shoes after my own heart

Quite a number of hand bags.
Ps: Do you know anyone who has some dresses mother would approve of and we switch closets?
Day 27? We are surely well caught up on this challenge aren’t we?
I love you for reading.

Dear Marriage, be good to my friend.

I saw her again today.
A shadow of her former self.
She reeked of despair.
She seemed lost.
And I thought about you.
My friend who is getting ready to walk down the aisle.

I got scared for you.
Then I got inspired
To write this for you.

I have thought about you the last few months.
More times than I have the entire time I have known you.
Some of those times, I have countered my worrisome thoughts with a prayer for you.

That you will remain the radiant light you have been even in the company of him.
That you will thrive in the better but especially in the worse.
That for richer or poorer, I can still look in your beautiful eyes and see you.

That you will remain unscathed.
That you will never be overstretched
Or spread too thin.
That to love and to hold, will not take you hostage.
That losing yourself will not be the ransom.

That you will tap into that sufficient grace.
That you will not get socked into fixing the difficult..
But you will surrender with dreaminess.
That you will live in reckless abandon.
Relying on the one who has all the answers.

That you will remind him everyday
Of your brilliance but especially of your full packageness (I made that up)
And that he will remember.

That you will slow down ( in Sam Kimera’s voice)
And remember for yourself that marriage is beautiful.
That you won’t get used to it.
Because getting used to beauty is the greatest catastrophe.

But most importantly,
That you will know with your heart,
That it’s your story,
So you get to choose who features in it.

That you will recall
That I am your unmarried friend,
So you can disregard everything I just said, and trade it for a daily reminder that I love you.
And with everything that I am, I wish you the very best.

Blogging? Why?

It’s been a while since I got nominated for these blog award things.
I was beginning to think am not award worthy anymore lol.
Anyways thank you Mr Consistently Awesome Joel Jjemba for reminding me that I still got it by nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.


How are you people doing?
Part of accepting the award is to tell you how I ended up here on the blogosphere.
Why do I write and when I do,  why do I let WordPress publish?
I started blogging almost 3 years ago. Before that, I just used to write for my eyes only.
Nothing specific nudged be to start,  except that I was in a place where I needed to unravel and be unapologetically expressive.
Let’s just say I was going through a phase. I had a life altering moment happen and if I didn’t find a place to express myself, I was going to make really bad choices.  ( That’s a bit dramatically exaggerated, but you get the how right?)

Blogging opened my world. All of a sudden I had an audience of similar minds and divergent ones.
It was an epic realization of how much I didn’t know and I knew I was going to stay.
I watched and learned from people I didn’t know but had a connection with because words were our family.
It became entertainment as well and my phone had a treasure beyond candy crush and tonnes of pictures.
Beyond all that, it gives me the greatest joy to have my own voice.
I love to write, on days when I want to and on days when my relationship with words is on shaky grounds, but especially because I get to cheer the rest of us who remind me of how far I still have to go because your work is beautiful and your skills impeccable.
I think I got carried away but hey, I am practicing my acceptance speech.
So my blog cousins,  Beaton, Atim, Oluchee, The Short Black Girl , Amanya  Guulo and Luvliz, will you do me the absolute honor of accepting my nomination?

Also if you are a blogging rookie, all you have to do is write, write and when you are done,  write some more.
The rewards are infinite but the satisfaction is the ultimate prize.

Day 15/31

Where will I be in five years?
I have no idea but not here.
The plan is to get out of law school and get into Harvard for my masters.
After that, I can honestly say, that I will be wherever God wants me.
I will definitely be a better writer in five years and I am looking forward to that time as well as the process.
In five years I will also be a better person. Not that am not already seriously awesome but hey,  there is more where this came from.
I will also have been to Ghana, Cameron,Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa to meet all my African blog cousins..
Where will you be in five years?

Day 12,13 and 14


12.Your Favorite Childhood Book.
I hardly remember my childhood, not for any particular reason, I just
remember bits and pieces.
I also wasn’t exposed to that many books but I really appreciated the lady bird series.

13.What is in your fridge?
I am yet to own a fridge so let me tell you about what will be in my future fridge. Which will be, food, food, more food, wine,  chocolate, ice-cream, maybe one fruit and then more food.

14. 3 Healthy Habits

Of July and the Future

Have you ever failed to sleep?
Like closed your eyes, tossed and turned, felt like you have been in your bed for hours yet it has only been a few minutes?
My cool friends like, the Writer Chic would say those are hours that chose them..
Time they are at their most poetic genius or something cool and writing related.
For me that is time, I realize have let something bother me for too long and I need to let it go.
I realize I am going around in circles partly because, I am in a taxi heading to Kampala and the Mafikizolo music is distracting me ( I am doing an entire shuffle routine in my head) and partly because well 5am is not a time I like to be awake.
Anyway I took forever to sleep last night, set my alarm to be up at 4:30am only to be up at 3am.
So what have I let bother me you ask?
The future (more like meddling in God’s business)
So I am going to my 4th and last year of law school this September, finally!
What I should be caring about is to finally send my dissertation topic to my Dean and actually getting started. However I work at a law office, I have been since last year and I loved it.
I don’t anymore.
Nothing has changed, not on their part,  my boss is still as awesome and I get paid.
I think I have changed.
I keep being told how they are looking forward to when I finish school so I can take on full blown responsibility, and the more I hear it,  the more I wonder if that’s what I want.
Not the office per se but a future in the practice of law.
Have I been too busy for too long trying to be a lawyer that I didn’t realize,  I don’t want to be an advocate?
Do I even know exactly what I want or am looking for in a career?
Is this what I want or need?
Am I allowed to feel this way or I should just shut up and be grateful?
So I was up alright, reeling and mumbling and getting very dramatic and emotional and feeling pressure from myself to make up my mind as if graduation is today.
(Side bar, congratulations to the graduating class of 2016 at Uganda Christian University today but especially to my poetry guru Luke )
Where were we?
Yes me and my sleepless thoughts.
As I slowly allowed myself to slip in panic mode, I felt God just gently but firmly nudge me to stop.
I was reminded of how we all just easily focus on the wrong things and some inspiration hit me like a wave.
Let’s just say, sometimes I get really busy being busy that I forget to make consultation from the source of all things -God.
Growing up comes with a whole lot of questions from all kinds of people.
Those who care and those who are just curious and one of the question I have heard to answer alot lately is
What is your plan after school?
My answer has been “I have no idea”, but whatever it is I am going to kick ass at it.
And you know what? A lot of people don’t appreciate that answer, but I do.
Don’t get me wrong I have serious plans,  some really crazy, you would have a good laugh but I know plans change, but when they do, they always work out for my good.
God doesn’t need us up all night meddling in His business a.k.a the future.
He needs us to fix our trust issues with Him.
We need to spend more of that time,  we are up at night getting well acquainted with His will so we can enter His rest.
Also everyday is a great day to have an absolutely amazing day and we need to grab a hold of that truth and enjoy it.
The future is securely tacked away and right now is screaming for our attention….
It’s a new month, be intentional about enjoying it.
Happy July!