#UgBlogWeek-Take 2.Of Having an Audience 

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We are born with an audience. 

If you come from a family as big as mine, by the time you opened your eyes, the hospital room was full of everyone eager to meet you, from the grand parents to the youngest cousin. My family knows only how to show up in large numbers. 

Then you go home to find a welcome party and by the time it’s your first birthday,  everyone has you on a stage directing the choreography that is your life.

Your audience grows with you. From your family to the friendly neighborhood to your class on your first day of school to the entire society. 

Your  audience morphs out of your control and you learn on the job how to overcome stage fright.

So what’s in an audience?

It has  those that love you unconditionally a.k.a family . 

Whose part is to cheer you own with the requisite chastisement .

They are  generous with their compliments and not so much with their criticism. 

They  hold your hand through tough times and take you back after every screw up. 

You don’t choose this audience, neither does it choose you. It just is and it’s the one that matters the most.

Next in line to the family are the circles of friends. 

This is a tricky audience to navigate. You have a choice in who gets the front row center seats. 

Some are genuinely on your team, while others are not sure if you are even worth a sweat and others are just curious. 

The beauty with this audience is that the older you grow, with some you grow together and with others you grow apart. Call it natural selection. There is also always room to recruit more people to this audience. 

You can’t be too careful around it, because  getting booed off the stage, is a real possibility but so is giving the performance of historic proportions.

Then there is the rest of the crowd. Society the English man has named it. This one you don’t choose. 

It’s in your face every time. Neither blinking nor taking a bathroom break.

It has set it’s expectations of you the moment, the doctor or village midwife,  pronounces you girl or boy.You are also part of this audience. The pressure to deliver is both within and without. 

It has faces and the one staring most intently is social media.

There is a need to please because this audience demands that you keep a certain set standard. So it sends you down a path of narcissism and vanity.

It reminds you of your short comings while giving you it’s tonnes of unsolicited advice and packaging it as freedom of expression.

So how do you cope with having  an audience anyway?

When you have an audience, even the smallest moments can seem so big.

The trick is to not let the pressure get to you, go out there, naked and afraid and take your moment!-Grey’s Anatomy 

PS: Today wordpress told me I have 200 blog followers. 

So now when I say I love you for reading,  you know exactly what am talking about. 


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