UgBlogWeek:Guest Blog

A week ago my friend became Africa’s champion. 

He won the International Committee of the Red Cross moot on International Humanitarian Law  in Arusha. 

To say am proud is an understatement,  am amazed and because it’s the most normal way to celebrate, I requested His Royal Greatness to guest blog.

Warning: The blog has nothing to do with the moot.

So here goes, 

Starting to write a blog post or( anything for that matter) is probably the hardest bit about writing. Even harder when you’re a blog guest for a seasoned blogger. like FiFi ( I mean she’s the reigning champion of that United Nations thingi), she’s also a mother of 2, the commander in chief of the free world as well as my classmate. Hehehe! 

I honestly haven’t written in a long ugly while, my ink is half dry as my pen is a tonne blunt and my jokes miles away from hilarious.Although many of you may not believe me after reading this, but I was actually damn good funny.( sheds a tear)

Let me share with you guys the moonlight events of my last week. Contrary to what most school mates of mine maybe thinking for I happened to kick ass of a good number of African teams to win some Moot Court competition.

 I had planned to get a tattoo and an ear piercing if I won this moot thing. While in Arusha, I  approached a guy who had moooob tatoos. Turns out those things are damn painful and also permanent. So if I got FiFi’s name on my neck it would have to stay there even after she dumps me.(sheds another tear).

Plus, I doubt my tatoos would be visible. I’d have to bleach to like yellowish and have a magnifying glass for them to be visible.(#veryBlackskinsdomatter) 

So no tatoos for me( sorry FiFi)

About ear piercings? I saw this Masai ninja with a weather instrument for an ear lob. Seriously! that lob could detect atmospheric pressure, these guys should be working at the Stevenson screen.(hehe!) Thanks Aunt Betty for SST cains, I get to use that thing in real life. Still waiting on an opportunity to use ‘xylem’ ‘phloem’.


Anyways where were we? Donald Trump? Honestly guys, the American voting system need to be marked by Aunt Betty,  how can a person lose an election if they have 2million more votes than their opponent! Honestly! I think football should also have like an electoral college, that’s the only way Arsenal will win a trophy! Hahaha! Shots fired! Arsenal fans.

So, as we was still discussing the appointment of a new Ugandan Electoral Chairman. I remembered that this is the guy who doctored witnesses to prosecute Besigye for manya Rape. Tinkakinolaga(if thats a word) I have a feeling this guy only wears yellow socks and only drinks M7up sorry 7up as a beverage. The bible clearly says you can’t put old 7up in a new skin!

But that’s none of my business 

How again did we end up here?(Pun intended)


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