The Story of Achola.

Graduation is looming.

Mother’s dress is picked out and my dresses are hanging, somewhere in my closet waiting for me to pick them out and slay.

I had a brilliant idea of sharing my story of law school.

Then it occurred to me that sharing my friends’ stories is an even more brilliant idea.

I asked, many agreed, few proceeded to write and even fewer were chosen.

So for the past and  next one day leading up to 7th July, I have been and will be sharing their stories.

Why their stories?

The idea was to capture the journey of a few of us in law school and publish it on my blog.

It was inspired by the conversations I had throughout our last semester, which for some reason felt very weird

A lot of my friends  did not consider it  an achievement to have finished this chapter of their lives  especially  because  of the horror stories we have had over the years about  the bar course, that is if you even pass the pre-entry exam to get in.

I wanted to change that, maybe just to have company in the “excitement lane” or to have content for my blog. The plan was to challenge them to count their blessings and what better way than writing about the journey, the milestones, low moments, lessons and everything in between.

This is Liz’s sstory.

From the time I started school I always believed the best moment or the highlight of the entire school experience would be graduation. I think that time at Waterford nursery and primary school in 1999 when I  graduated from top to P.1 played a major role in this. That day was great, I ate a lot, got gifts, I remember we did all the fun little things that day, I was even allowed to stay up till 11pm!



When I learn’t that I would only be able to graduate again so many  years later I was sad. I wanted to graduate and eat and get gifts after every class, but unfortunately the world  did not revolve around my 5 year old dreams.

I joined law school on my own accord, not because I thought it would please my parents,  but because I pictured myself in a nicely tailored suit in court throwing questions to the  witnesses just like I had watched in legally blonde and also it was a nice save from the pain of mathematics.

It’s 17 years later, and graduation is just a day away so when Komusana requested me to write about my law school experience I thought I should wait until graduation, because according to my  5 year old self in me that’s still the highlight of every school experience.

She refused to work on my schedule  and also I have got everything covered (Thank you God). So far being on that graduation list, picking my invitation cards and getting my gown and hood, has been the highlight of my law school experience.. The journey hasn’t been that obvious for me.  Conquering those books, the late night  and early morning classes, the extremely difficult exams and everything else makes me a very grateful child right now.


Meets after. Meet Liz, Achola, Loveliz Elizabeth. That girl with the loud ring tone in 1st year. Former blogger turned free lance writer. Taker of both cruises. Life eater

Law school has not all been bad.  There have been more great memories than bad ones.. I can say I sailed through, the winds and storm of course its was all God.

I have met tonnes of human beings. Some became friends and others we shall forever be acquainted. I am thankful  that I have had consistency  with my friends since first year, otherwise the world out there would have been a cold harsh place.


From September 2013,I have experienced some of the most beautiful things  I have zero
regrets. The greatest lesson being letting go of disappointments and setbacks in life in
exchange for hanging on the promises of God. I have also learn’t not to overthink things,
spontaneity has become my middle name.
Next step is trying all my luck in the world to get into LDC, then get my hands on that money.  Then hopefully, just like I had planned when I was in F. 3, get married by 28 and get myself three white puppies (Lol)  A horse. And a fountain. And obviously a big house with even a bigger compound because that horse isn’t going  stay in one place all the time….
Well, that’s pretty much my story, what’s yours?

3 thoughts on “The Story of Achola.

  1. haha, oh my twinito Liz, i like this. Indeed life is about learning from our disappointments and letting them go as we cling to God’s promises. Reading your story got me thinking about all our memories, mahn, i should write a post, we have truly come from far. I am so proud of you my girlie and the best is yet to unfold. Al the best my dear. Always remember that through all the changes, God gatchu coz a lot is still yet to unfold but you’ll survive!
    Thanks Komusana, yaaayyy, reading these stories has been a beautiful highlight.

    Liked by 1 person

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