Don’t Die on The Inside

You have spent the last few months trying to write and failing miserably.
Laziness is a powerful weapon.

It messes with your creativity long enough to know that you caught the disease with no cure called writer’s block.
Then before you know it, your smart phone runs out of space, and you remove the blogging app to create room for videos of the parliament’s fight club.

Your computer catches slowness syndrome and you convince yourself you suck at writing anyway (not in a sad way but in a life-is-teaching-me-something way).

Until you go for a run.

It was supposed to just help you feel less guilty about your junk consumption but while you lie panting on the ground, you remember this is the most alive you have felt in a while.
You run to your phone to write #somethingabouthealthyliving on Facebook and realize you really shouldn’t be making any kind of commitments to this exercising thing.
But you want to write, you re-download the app and do those things of resetting password because you are determined to write something today and that’s all that matters .
It’s also a new month and some thing about new things is supposed to be inspiring.
You feel inspired.

Enough to say, the writing struggle is real.
But whatever you do, don’t die on the inside.

Otherwise how are you doing?

PS: The picture just begged me to post it . The Kreativ Adikt took it.

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