The Politics of Comfort because it’s a better title than 2017.

One day while I sat in church I randomly started thinking about how I value my comfort above a lot of things. I don’t even know why I was so distracted but I got my phone and wrote, “The politics of comfort” knowing it would make a great title for a blog but..
I have a friend who is so bad at texting he replies to my texts every 6 months or four if I am lucky. (I hope it’s not just me) For my own sanity I saved his number with the initials WTB, (Won’t Text Back). Anyway said bad texter recently found the Lord and for about 10 minutes he was responding to my texts and told me about a product he is making with a very weird name. When I asked him what inspired the name he said no creative juices were flowing at the time of composition.
Kind of what happened to my blog on the politics of comfort. After church no creative juices flowed but I love the title so much we are keeping it.
This is also going to be a long read so thank you in advance for enduring it.
I woke up at 4am today to head to my village for Christmas. Why 4am? If you are the family member who ate the school fees for driving school, you travel when those who graduated say you travel or you get stuck with public transport which at this time of the year could buy me my own little car or at least a Tuku Tuku.
So I am writing this on the road. Travel and early mornings are also supposed to make me a writing genius & Alicia Keys’ “This Girl is on fire” is playing on KFM so that’s a sign.
I will start with something cheesy like ” What a year!”
2017 has been two years for me.
In the first year I was a student, whose greatest worry was how to survive writing my dissertation without killing myself and or my supervisor.
I survived and ended up on a graduation list which made my mother ask how much money I would need to purchase a graduation outfit. I was telling a friend recently that if I knew that was the last time my mummy would ask me how much money I needed, a zero would have been added to the figure.
Graduation came, gifts were exchanged & legs broken from playing the extreme sport called wearing high heels.
Then I entered the second year. This second 2017 is the year I got lost.
For the first time I cried myself a lot to sleep & blamed allergies or poor sleeping posture when asked about it because I honestly had no idea what was making me so damn sad.
People really should give school a lot of credit for shielding us from life’s harshness. The surge of emotions came full circle as I was confronted with my new reality. Like “look, you are an adult now, here is a list of demands. First what are your plans for the future?”
I missed my friends because they all decided to follow the natural course of legal career events & join the bar course immediately. I couldn’t join with them because my brain and I decided during the last semester of school that we would take a break from the study of the law at least for a year. Not the smartest choice according to numerous sources but well, my brain and I decided. Which means I had to find some new friends, something I am not so great at despite my rather pleasant personality.
I also missed fellowship so I struggled with what to do with most of my evenings. There was a crisis of faith for some time and I found myself failing at doing the bare minimum like praying.
Due to all the self induced chaos in my mind, a lot of writing was done but non of it deemed worthy of sharing, but in the spirit of Christmas I would like to summon my sentimentality and give this year a worthy balanced review. I thought it should be a 7 days of Gratitude Series but who am I kidding?
Enough jibber jabber let’s start get in to.
2017 Thankfulness.
All millennial whining aside. I had a great year.
1. Everyone I love is alive and well. Mother dearest called me every beginning of month to remind me of how special I am( probably part of the reason I am not coping is because the world is not quite treating me the way my mummy does). She prayed for me, preached words of encouragement and some times told me she loves me. My sister dropped me to work when it rained in the morning even though it meant I would have to lay her bed for a month.
2. I made some new friends. The most incredible thing about this new phase of friendship is all the food involved in all the gatherings. Food eaten with good vibes is really the most therapeutic thing that has happened to me this. Some of these new friends have even been extra special to sign me up for paying side gigs where payment was never delayed. I don’t even know how to say thank you.
3. Graduation.I loved my graduation. It was a long time coming. It made my mother happy. I looked like a million bucks and then some. I got plenty of gifts and cash plus my mother told the crowd how she didn’t raise me to wear short things and therefore Kampala has spoilt me. I translated that to mean, I have grown and become my own person.
4. Reality check. In May I was privileged to participate in the Reality Check conference on employment, education and entrepreneurship organised by the good people of Konrad Adenuer Stiftung. It taught me several things, put me in a room with some great people and put me up in a hotel for a week. It was almost immediately after school and God knows I needed the break.
5. The job. My job is exactly where I thought I would never be but one of life’s little miracles. I knew I didn’t want to go to school straight out of undergrad but I had no idea what I would be doing and then all of a sudden, I was rafting or drinking the nile, getting filmed by CNN, sitting on panels, travelling, ziplining, hanging out with the coolest people on a daily basis and getting paid for it. (Wish me luck explaining what exactly I do for a living at the family dinner later today)


2017 FIRSTS.
I did plenty of things for the first time but most notably;

1. I went to the cinema. It’s 2017 and I had never been to any cinema to watch a movie. It’s one of those things I didn’t understand. I am more of a series kind of girl and there are no cinemas where I can go and watch an entire season of Grey’s anatomy yet. Finally someone convinced me that I am not saving an lives by not going to the, movies and I have gone to the cinema two more times since. I still would rather binge on Grey’s anatomy but oh well

2. I contributed a story to a book project. I didn’t even believe I got the job until it was a week to the deadline for submission. I was doing it with some of the best writers, photographers and illustrators in town. I spent a lot of time being intimidated and smiling in disbelief but alas, I summoned all specialness my mother tells me about, enlisted an editor in chief in the form of my Xhosa Girl Sinawo Bukani and wrote a story. I can’t wait to know what being published feels like.

3. I started jogging and exercising for the time since I left high school and despite my inconsistency I had myself convinced I was fit enough to run my first marathon so I participated in MTN Kampala Marathon and discovered that I was not fit enough after all. I slept for 6 hours straight after and felt pain in places I had no idea were on my body the rest of the week.

1. Choosing boda bodas that have both side mirrors.
Merry Christmas . Don’t drink and drive.